Parkzone F4F Wildcat R/C Airplane (No Longer Available)

The 480 brushless motor easily propels the Parkzone F4F Wildcat R/C Airplane to great heights. Literally and figuratively. With replica R/C Airplanes, I find that they share many of the same characteristics with the actual airplane. Aesthetically, the detail is always there with Parkzone R/C Airplanes. I don't know if its my imagination, but flying them is similar to how I imagine the real life aircraft flew. For example, the Parkzone F4F Wildcat R/C Airplane flies stable and a little heavy. I prefer stable and heavy to light and quick any day. BNF (no transmitter) version available along with a full array of replacement parts available.
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Parkzone F4F Wildcat Features:

38.4" Wingspan
28.7" Length
25.4 oz Flying Weight
Authentic Detail
PNP and BNF Versions
High Quality Replacement Parts
Only Minor Assembly Required

F4F Wilcat R/C Airplane

The Real F4F Wildcat Airplane

The F4F Wildcat was an airplane in use during World War II. Although the F4F Wildcat is heavier and less manueverable than the Japanese Zeros, its armour and other safety features such as a self sealing fuel tank made her very durable and able to withstand enemy rounds. Primarily the F4F Wildcat was flown in the Pacific to fend off the advances of the Japanese air force.



F4F Wildcat R/C Airplane





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