Parkzone Ultra Micro Mosquito Mk VI R/C Airplane (No Longer Available)

The Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI is a twin engine ultra micro R/C airplane. Authentic camouflage design with a see through canopy. Full 4 channel control to bind with your favorite DSM2 remote control. The tail wheel is steerable, but you can fly the Mosquito Mk VI without landing gear as it can be removed is seconds. The dual 3 blade propellers make the Mosquito Mk VI a smooth flyer that can perform aerobatices with ease. A complete line of Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI parts are available in the unfortunate, but inevitable time of an accident.
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Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI Features:

15.2" in Length
20.5" Wingspan
2.6 oz Flying Weight
8.5 mm Coreless Brushed Motor
Dual 3 Blade Propellers
Intermediate R/C Airplane Experience
Exremely Smooth Flyer and Aerobatics
Ready to Fly with your Remote Control
Steerable Tail Wheel and Removable Landing Gear

Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI



Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI R/C Airplane





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