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The Parkzone Night Vapor looks like an R/C airplane that is not so strong and cannot withstand any type of crash. We were quite surprised when we deliberately flew the Night Vapor into the ground and wall several times without breaking any part. It was pretty humorous to see this R/C aircraft continually crash and comee away unscathed. We eventually hit a wall in such a way we needed a new prop. If you have a horrific accident, or your dog chews off the wings, all your Parkzone Night Vapor parts are listed below. Here is a link to the Night Vapor Manual in case you lost it.

Any Parkzone Night Vapor Part below that is not clickable is no longer available. If the Night Vapor part becomes available, we will link it below.

Thunder Power 160 mAh 3.7V G4 Night Vapor Remote Control Battery Connector Wire
Product Code: THP1601SL25UM
Our Price: $8.99
Product Code: PKZ3341
Our Price: $44.99
Product Code: PKZ3052
Our Price: $2.51
G4 Pro Lite 25C LiPo Transmitter LiPo Battery connector Wire
Parkzone Night Vapor Propeller Night Vapor Tail Skid Parkzone Night Vapor Motor
Product Code: PKZ3302
Our Price: $3.05
Product Code: PKZ3307
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: PKZ3316
Our Price: $8.99
Propeller with Spinner Tail Skid Motor
Pushrod Set Gearbox w/o Motor Prop Shaft w/Gear
Product Code: PKZ3322
Our Price: $4.49
Product Code: PKZ3327
Our Price: $5.39
Product Code: PKZ3328
Our Price: $5.39
Pushrods Gearbox without Motor Prop Shaft with Gear
Pushrod Set Night Vapor Landing Gear Main Wing w/Lights
Product Code: PKZ3322
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: PKZU1106
Our Price: $5.39
Product Code: PKZU1120
Our Price: $15.29
Pushrods Landing Gear Parkzone Night Vapor Main Wings
Tail Wing Stabilizer Night Vapor Rudder Fuselage w/ Electronics
Product Code: PKZU1124
Our Price: $8.99
Product Code: PKZU1125
Our Price: $5.39
Product Code: PKZU1161
Our Price: $67.49
Night Vapor Tail Wing Tail Rudder Fuselage
Fuselage w/o Electronics Night Vapor Replacement Airframe 3.7V 150mAh 12C LiPo Battery
Product Code: PKZU1167
Our Price: $17.99
Product Code: PKZU1170
Our Price: $44.99
Product Code: EFLB1501S
Our Price: $4.99
Night Vapor Fuselage Night Vapor Airframe Night Vapor LiPo Battery
Thunder Power 125 mAh 3.7V
Product Code: THP1251SL25UM
Our Price: $6.99
Parkzone Night Vapor LiPo Battery



Night Vapor R/C Airplane





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