Parkzone Night Vapor

The Parkzone Night Vapor is a slow flyer with a large wingspan. At nighttime she lights up with several different color LED lights. It's almost as if the Night Vapor is floating in the air as she is moving so slowly. The manueverability is much better than you would expect from this type of R/C airplane. The motor is overly powerful for this type of R/C aircraft, but the it makes the flyability second to none in this class. As with all Parkzone R/C Airplanes, there are inexpensive and easy to install Night Vapor parts available.
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Parkzone Night Vapor Features:

16" in Length
13.25" Wingspan
0.6 oz Flying Weight
Slow Flyer
Ready to Fly Out of Box
Vibrant Color
Easy to Fly
All Parts Available to Keep you Flying

Night Vapor



Parkzone Night Vapor





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