Parkzone P-47D Thunderbolt R/C Airplane (No Longer Available)

The P-47D Thunderbolt was one of the toughest aircraft ever built. She was made to attack ground targets and dogfight with enemy aircraft. The Parkzone P-47D Thunderbolt R/C airplanes detail nearly exactly mimics the real thing. If you bind the P-47D Thunderbolt to a 6+ channel remote control, you can use the optional flaps and retractable landing gear. Their is a BNF version available where you will need a 5 or 6+ channel remote control or a PNP version where you will need a remote control, 3S 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo battery, and a LiPo charger. You will be amazed at how well the P-47D flies and looks. As with all Parkzone R/C airplanes, there are a full line of P-47D Thunderbolt parts available to keep you flying.
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Parkzone P-47D Thunderbolt Features:

36.9" in Length
42.2" Wingspan
40 oz Flying Weight
15 BL Outrunner Motor
Incredible Detail and Workmanship
Optional Retractable Landing Gear
Purchase a BNF or PNP Version
Full line of Parts Available

P-47D Thunderbolt R/C Airplane



P-47D Thunderbolt





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