Parkzone Ultra Micro Pole Cat R/C Airplane (No Longer Available)

The Parkzone Pole Cat R/C airplane is designed to look like Cassutt Formula 1 air racers that compete in air races. The controls are very forgiving no matter what speed you are flying. Steerable tail wheel and removable landing gear in seconds. Their are Parkzone Pole Cat parts available at a very low cost. Bind to your 4+ channel remote control or choose from these remote controls here. This R/C airplane is amazingly smooth and is super fun to fly. The Pole Cat has a unique look that is easily identifiable to people who know about racing planes.
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Parkzone Pole Cat Features:

15.4" in Length
16.1" Wingspan
1.25 oz Flying Weight
8.5 mm Coreless Brushed Motor
No Assembly Required
Intermediate R/C Airplane Experience
Exremely Smooth Flyer
Steerable Tail Wheel and Removable Landing Gear

Pole Cat R/C Airplane



Pole Cat R/C Airplane





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