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The Parkzone Radian sailplane is a sturdy R/C sailplane, but from time to time you will need to purchase parts regardless of your skill level. Radian parts are of the highest quality and are inexpensive. Usually I say to purchase an extra LiPo battery to extend flying times, but as you know by now, you can spend over 30 minutes on one charge as the Radian sailplane obviously doesn't use much battery power. Instead, I recommend the Foam Activator (EFLA207) for minor repairs. Here is a link to the Radian R/C Sailplane Manual.

Parkzone Radian parts below that you cannot click or tap are currently out of stock.

1800mAh LiPo 11.1V Battery Radian LiPo Battery 1300mAh 2-3 Cell LiPo Fast Charger
Product Code: PKZ1031
Our Price: $39.99
Product Code: PKZ1033
Our Price: $23.99
Product Code: PKZ1040
Our Price: $29.99
LiPo Battery Battery for the Radian Sailplane LiPo Battery Charger
Control Connector Hardware Radian Sailplane Propeller Prop Adapter & Spinner Set
Product Code: EFLA203
Our Price: $3.95
Product Code: PKZ1017
Our Price: $4.04
Product Code: PKZ1018
Our Price: $6.29
Connector Hardware Propeller Adapter and Spinner
AC to 12VDC 5Amp Power Supply Radian Servo Control Horns with Hardware
Product Code: THP1205P
Our Price: $29.99
Product Code: PKZ1060
Our Price: $11.69
Product Code: PKZ4121
Our Price: $4.49
Power Supply Servo Horns and Hardware
Radian Decal Sheet Parkzone Radian Canopy Radian Firewall
Product Code: PKZ4703
Our Price: $6.29
Product Code: PKZ4713
Our Price: $3.77
Product Code: PKZ4714
Our Price: $2.87
Decal Sheet Radian Sailplane Canopy Parkzone Firewall
Parkzone Radian Motor Parkzone Radian Main Wing Pushrod w/Quick Connector
Product Code: PKZ4716
Our Price: $44.99
Product Code: PKZ4720
Our Price: $36.89
Product Code: PKZ4722
Our Price: $5.39
480B Outrunner Brushless Motor Wings Parkzone Radian Pushrod
Radian Horizontal Tail Wing Parkzone Radian Fuselage Spektrum AR500 Receiver
Product Code: PKZ4725
Our Price: $10.44
Product Code: PKZ4767
Our Price: $28.79
Product Code: SPMAR500
Our Price: $59.99
Tail Wing Bare Fuselage Spektrum Receiver
Foam Activator Tool Assortment Kit 1250mAh 3S 11.1V 20C LiPo
Product Code: EFLA207
Our Price: $4.99
Product Code: EFLA250
Our Price: $12.99
Product Code: EFLB12503S
Our Price: $30.59
Foam Compatible Activator 5 Pc Tool Set LiPo Battery



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