Parkzone Radian Pro R/C Sailplane

The Parkzone Radian Pro R/C sailplane is for the experienced R/C sailplane pilot. Working ailerons and flaps helps you take full advantage of the thermals as you glide back to Earth. The 480 outrunner brushless 960kV motor packs enough power to get you to altitude in no time at all. You can continue to fly with the motor, or you can turn the motor off and the propeller will fold back to maximize aerodynamics while gliding. The Radian Pro R/C sailplane can be purchased in two different versions. PNP does not include a 5+ or 6+ (for advanced mixing) channel remote control, receiver, 11.1V 1300mAh LiPo battery, and a LiPo charger. The BNF version includes everything except a 5+ or 6+ remote control. As with all Parkzone R/C airplanes, their are a full line of Radian Pro parts available.
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Parkzone Radian Pro Features:

45" in Length
78.5" Wingspan
34.6 oz Flying Weight
480 Outrunner Brushless Motor
Auto Fold Back Propeller
Repairable Lightweight Tough Foam Construction
Purchase a BNF or PNP Version
Full line of Replacement Parts Available

Radian Pro R/C Sailplane



Radian Pro





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