Parkzone Radian R/C Sailplane

The Parkzone Radian sailplane is an ingenious eco-friendly r/c sailplane. It's modeled after the top of the line full scale sailplanes that do not need a tow from another aircraft to get airborn. The Parkzone Radian R/C sailplane has a powerful 480 motor that is used to reach altitude, then the propeller folds back to reduce drag when you start to glide back to Earth. Tough and light Z-Foam construction enables superb aerodynamics and makes repairs simple. Enjoy hours of flying at the park on one LiPo battery charge. Radian sailplane parts are available in the unfortunate case of a crash or to keep the Radian flying forever. Purchase a PNP version (without remote control) or an RTF version (with remote control).
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Parkzone Radian Features:

44.7" in Length
78.7" Wingspan
30 oz Flying Weight
480 Brushless Motor
Auto Fold Back Propeller
Repairable Advanced Foam Construction
Purchase with or without a Remote Control
Full line of Parts Available

Parkzone Radian Sail Plane

Excellent Glide Time

Over six foot wingspan makes for excellent glide times. Each wing can easily be taken off for easy transport. The Radian R/C sailplane can with the right wind conditions fly for extended periods of time. It is a three channel R/C sailplane so you have elevator control. Perform loops and climb while riding thermals. What makes the Radian sailplane unique is that it is powered by a more than capable 480B brushless motor. When you reach altitude, simply throttle back and the prop will automatically fold back to eliminate any drag while gliding.



Radian R/C Sailplane





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