Parkzone Stinson Reliant SR 10 R/C Airplane (No Longer Available)

The Parkzone Stinson Reliant SR 10 R/C Airplane is in a class by itself. This aviation classic is highly durable, with fantastic performance, and great power. 4 Channel control with otional flaps. The Parkzone Stinson Reliant has a great look with its red and white paint job. I just love the responsiveness of this Parkzone R/C airplane. She seems to float, it's almost like the Stinson Reliant is filled with helium as she flies extremely well at slow speeds. Of course, throttle up and she will not disappoint. Their are a full line of Parkzone Stinson Reliant SR 10 parts available in the unfortunate event of a crash, or to stock up on extra parts to keep you flying all day.
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Parkzone Stinson Reliant Features:

33.5" in Length
49.6" Wingspan
41.9 oz Flying Weight
480 Brushless Outrunner Motor
Advanced Z-Foam Construction
Durability, Performance, & Power
All Parts Available

Stinson Reliant R/C Airplane



Parkzone Stinson Reliant





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