Parkzone F4U Corsair (No Longer Available)

The Parkzone F4U Corsair is an R/C replica of a legendary WWII airplane. The R/C version of the F4U Corsair is built to look and fly like its real life predecessor with 3 bladed prop, molded panel lines, clear canopy, decals, and full 4 channel control. The landing gear is easily removable and the tail gear is steerable. I was particularly amazed with the aerodynamics of the Parkzone F4U Corsair. A few times I thought I would crash into the ground, but pulled up at the last second and the F4U Corsair seemed to ride a cloud of air and pull up safely. Their are also a full line of Parkzone F4U Corsair parts available.
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Parkzone F4U Corsair Features:

15.9" Wingspan
12.8" Length
48.7 sq inches in Wing Area
1.47 oz Flying Weight
Steerable Tail Wheel
No Assembly Required
Comes With or Without Remote Control
Full Line of Parts Available

F4U Corsair R/C Airplane



Parkzone F4U Corsair





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