Parkzone Ultra Micro J-3 Cub (No Longer Available)

The Parkzone Ultra Micro J-3 Cub R/C airplane is quite small and can be flown in a confined area. The Parkzone Ultra Micro J-3 Cub R/c airplane can be flown outdoors with little wind. Its charecteristics are very similar to the life size cub airplane. The flyability of this ultra micro R/C airplane is quite surprising. Take a look at the video below to see how smooth and responsive she is. Just like any Parkzone R/C airplane, their are Ultra Micro J-3 Cub parts that are inexpensive and can be installed easily with little or no experience. The J-3 Cub can be purchased with a remote control or without if you already have a remote control to bind to it.
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Parkzone J-3 Cub Features:

12.4 Inches in Length
18.2 Inch Wingspan
.85 oz Flying Weight
Ready to Fly from Box
Smooth and Stable
Steerable Tail Wheel
Comes With or Without Remote Control

Ultra Micro J3 Cub



J-3 Cub R/C Airplane





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